Impact Biomedical drives mission-oriented research and development that advances drug discovery and development for the prevention, inhibition, and treatment of neurological, oncology and immuno-related diseases. Other exciting technologies include breakthrough alternative sugar in the aim to combat diabetes and Functional Fragrances Formulation (3F) for industrial and medical application, amongst others. The first product in 3F’s suite of functional fragrances is 3F Mosquito which is made up of specialised oils sourced from botanicals that mosquitoes avoid. The business model of Impact Biomedical revolves mainly around two methodologies – Licensing and Sales Distribution.

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Impact Biomedical develop valuable and unique patented technologies which could be licensed to pharmaceutical companies and venture capitalists in exchange for an agreed payment (fee or royalty). This interest will rise as the validating data becomes available.

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Sales Distribution


On the other hand, Impact Biomedical has sister companies that have in place distribution networks on a global basis. Impact Biomedical will engage in private labelling to go into production of products for sales generation. We plan to expand our geographical presence globally and intend to launch more products to add on to the flagship product range. 

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Chan Heng Fai


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Frank D. Heuszel

CEO & Director


Todd Macko
Interim CFO

Partners & Advisors
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Daryl Thompson

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Christina Glendening

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Dr. Roscoe M. Moore

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Elise Brownell PhD

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John 'JT' Thatch

Products in the Pipeline

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3F (Functional  Fragrance Formulation) is a unique formulation of specialized ingredients (e.g. terpenes) from botanical sources with  demonstrated effect as an insect repellent and an antimicrobial.

3F Mosquito Repellent
3F repellent contains botanical ingredients that mosquitos avoid. These ingredients are scientifically  proven* to affect the mosquito’s receptors, essentially making the insect blind to a human’s presence.  This can be utilized as a stand-alone repellent or as an additive in detergents, lotions, shampoo, and
other substances to provide mosquito protection.

3F Antimicrobial
3F antimicrobial contains botanical ingredients known to kill viruses. These ingredients are scientifically proven* to inhibit viral replication. This can be utilized as a stand-alone antimicrobial or as an additive in detergents, lotions, shampoo, fabrics, and other substances.

*Source: Company Data on File


Equivir/Nemovir technology is a novel blend of FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) eligible polyphenols (e.g. Myricetin, Hesperetin, Piperine) which have demonstrated antiviral effects with
additional potential application as health supplements or medication. Polyphenols are sourced from fruits, vegetables, and other natural substances.

Myricetin is a member of the flavonoid class of polyphenolic compounds with antioxidant properties.
Hesperitin is a flavanone and Piperine is an alkaloid, commonly found in black pepper.


LineBacker is a platform of small molecule X-bonded polyphenols. X-bonding is a molecular tuning
technique that modifies a natural compound to induce potency, efficacy, bioavailability, and
trans-membrane permeability while maintaining safety, toxicity, and tolerability.

Natural polyphenols have demonstrated strong potential in treating and preventing a range of diseases
by inhibiting TNF- and indication specific causes (e.g. neurology, anti-inflammatory, oncology).

Two novel discrete LineBacker molecules have been synthesized and characterized including
in vitro testing.


Laetose technology is derived from a unique combination of sugar and inositol, which demonstrates the ability to inhibit the inflammatory and metabolic response of sugar alone.

Use of Laetose in a daily diet, compared to sugar, could result in 30% lower sugar consumption and lower glycemic index/load*

*Source: Company data on file



Unveiling Soon




About Vivacitas Oncology Inc. 

Vivacitas Oncology Inc. (“Vivacitas”) was co-founded in 2015 by the late Dr. Rubinfeld and is singularly focused on innovative approaches to combating those cancers that have proven to be frustratingly resistant to current treatment modalities.



Press Release

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7 Sep 2021

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23 Aug 2021

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2 Aug 2021

DSS’s Impact BioMedical to Research Plant-Based Preservation Booster in Collaboration with Thomas Swan Compound

27 Jul 2021

DSS’s Impact BioMedical Announces Second US Patent Issued for its Proprietary Equivir Compound

12 Jul 2021

DSS’s Impact Biomedical Provides Updates on Key Research Projects and Global Licensing Opportunities

6 Jul 2021

DSS’s Impact BioMedical Receives US Patent for its Functional Fragrance Formulation Mosquito Repellant Booster

16 Jun 2021

DSS Expands its Healthcare Segment through Investment in Vivacitas Oncology

8 Apr 2021

UPDATE - DSS Impact BioMedical Receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO

6 Apr 2021

DSS Provides Update on Impact BioMedical Share Dividend

4 Feb 2021




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